You're an

You take the mundane and mold it into something remarkable.

Your hands can make magic out of the most generic of items.

That magic shouldn’t be lost in a generic website.

You deserve something that proudly showcases your work and allows it to stand on its own, working alongside your masterpiece to present what you’ve created proudly.

You deserve a website created just for you and the wonders you’ve created.

Ineffable Artistry does that – we create websites for people who are good at things other than creating websites. We work with people who are busy doing their own creating, who don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to develop a platform for their art.

And we do it exceptionally, to become an extension of your brand, proudly and subtly showcasing what it is you’ve worked so hard to construct.

We’ve developed a system to help create the feel of a custom website, with a templated price. You’ll have the freedom to pick and choose what works for you and your brand, and then leave it in the hands of people who take their craft just as seriously as you do.

So what does this include?

  • Semi-custom, professionally built website, designed on the WordPress platform ($2500 value)
  • Visual brand, which includes your font, colors, and digitally crafted signature (your artists signature) ($500 value)
  • Custom copywriting - individually drafted sales copy and bio, created for you and your personal brand ($1000 value)
  • Basic search engine optimization (SEO) ($2500 value)
  • One new newsletter template every month ($250 value)
  • Individualized project support through project completion ($500)
  • Website hosting ($200 value)
  • Website updates & security ($300 value)
  • Daily backups of your website ($1500 value)
  • SSL Certificate ($29 value)
  • FREE Content Delivery Network (CDN) ($150 value)
  • Updates to your gallery and resume ($600 value)
  • One branded email account via G Suite ( instead of @gmail or @hotmail!) ($60 value)
  • Setup of your online business identity ($750 value)
  • Google Analytics integration ($150 value)

Total Value:

Your Price: per month

You, your art, your brand ONLINE

$247 a month

12 month commitment

(yep, that’s it!)

Ready to do this?

Let’s get started!